How to practice Guitar strumming

One of the first things you learn when you start playing Guitar is strumming. For some, strumming is easy, with the open chords, of course 😜. But when you want to strum with chord changes, it could get tricky. You have to focus on the beat you want to change the chord, along with the strumming pattern. If you also want to get good at rhythm, you practise with a metronome. So, to bring together all of the strumming patterns, chords and tempo, there is one app you can use to set-up the practise routine efficiently.

Introducing GuitarStrum — an app that lets you choose which chords you want to practise and which strumming pattern you want to play them to.

Set the chords, tempo and the strumming pattern and hit play! With the metronome playing in the background, you now have an effective way to practise strumming with chord changes!

And guess what, the app is totally free and doesn’t run any ads, cause who likes them, right? And remember, repetition is key to getting good. So keep at learning it until the day you finally nail it!



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